Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream


What is it: a hydrating eye cream

Why do I like it: provides a good level of hydration, particularly good as I will be turning the central heating on tonight.

Do you need it: Need, no. It's a very nice eye cream, but there are plenty of others (down below) that will do you just fine.

How long have I used it: A couple months

How much do I use: 1/2 a pump for both eyes

Worth the cost: No. It's a nice eye cream, but it is quite rich, I wouldn't suggest this for anyone under 30. Even for my dryish skin, this is just a bit too much sometimes. As I mention above, I'm going to have to turn the heat on in the house tonight, and that always dehydrates me. I will use this up through the winter and probably won't go back. 

Would I repurchase: Maybe at a discount.

Available here.

Other options I like at least as much: