Sunday Riley ‘Luna’ Sleeping Night Oil

What is it: An oil serum

Why do I like it: This is a lovely product, absorbs nicely and makes my skin look nicer the next morning.

Once upon a time we discussed vitamins and my general approach to skincare, and you can find that here. The summary is that I try to have a capsule skincare wardrobe of sorts where vitamin A, B and C serums are the key players. I can so easily get sucked into all kinds of wild promises about seaweed peptides and other nonsense, but like most of life, if you stick with the ABC’s you’ll be set.

Right now, Luna is my ‘A’ serum. Luna is retinol-ish. It is training wheels for vitamin A, but that’s what I like about it. I’m not really ready for the face-peeling effects of a prescription treatment. I tried that once, and it’s a lot of work.

Do you need it: In my opinion, if you’re under 30, no. If you’re over and you haven’t tried a vitamin A yet, this may be your starting point.

How long have I used it: A couple years

How much do I use: A couple drops under night moisturizer once or twice a week.

Worth the cost: Yes

Would I repurchase: Yes, I have a few times

Find it here.

Oskia Citylife Booster

What is it: An oil serum

Why do I like it: I don’t know that I really do actually. I mean it’s fine, and if pollution is a problem where you live, you might like this as an insurance policy, but I think this is too expensive for what you get. I can’t see it doing anything and so I have a hard time sticking with it.

For reference I live in a suburb on the fringe of a rural area next to a nature preserve; I work in an arboretum. I live a relatively lovely and unpolluted life. (As much as any of us do).

Do you need it: Definitely not, in my opinion. But again, if pollution bothers you, Oskia is a great brand and, in my opinion, they know their stuff. You can also see Caroline Hirons’ discussion of Oskia here.

How long have I used it: A little over a year

How much do I use: As directed, one drop mixed into my morning moisturizer.

Worth the cost: to me, no.

Would I repurchase: no, unless I move somewhere new, then maybe I would reconsider it.

I also enjoyed the podcast “At Home With” where Anna of The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles chat with the founder of Oskia, maybe she will convince you that you actually do need the Citylife range. At Home With Season 1, Episode 8.

Find it here.

Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream

What is it: A rich but somehow also light moisturizer

Why do I like it: So hydrating. Feels like magic.Also I like the smell, but beware it does have a scent. A natural, non perfumy scent that is.

Do you need it: Definitely not. It is expensive. But if you’re feeling the dry, wintertime blues, this will definitely perk up your skin (and possibly even your mood, I love using this.)

How long have I used it: A couple months

How much do I use: Hard to define, but you don’t need much at all. A little scoop? A pinch? A dash? Something like that.

When do I use it: Night time only, it’s too rich for the morning for me. Last step after serum or oil.

Worth the cost: to me, for now, yes. 

Would I repurchase: yes, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for discount codes.

Find it here.

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream


What is it: a hydrating eye cream

Why do I like it: provides a good level of hydration, particularly good as I will be turning the central heating on tonight.

Do you need it: Need, no. It's a very nice eye cream, but there are plenty of others (down below) that will do you just fine.

How long have I used it: A couple months

How much do I use: 1/2 a pump for both eyes

Worth the cost: No. It's a nice eye cream, but it is quite rich, I wouldn't suggest this for anyone under 30. Even for my dryish skin, this is just a bit too much sometimes. As I mention above, I'm going to have to turn the heat on in the house tonight, and that always dehydrates me. I will use this up through the winter and probably won't go back. 

Would I repurchase: Maybe at a discount.

Available here.

Other options I like at least as much: