Baby Bag: Alexander Wang Marti Backpack

I hate the idea of the classic baby bag.

Don't get me wrong, i get the appeal and also the practicality. 

But. I don't regularly carry a purse for myself, and lugging around a carry-on at all times sounds, to me, like carrying around a literal ball and a literal chain.

A couple of my friends have used this Fjallraven bag and have been very happy with it and I would have gone that route had the Marti bag not caught my eye. Such a nice blend of practicality and my preferred style of non-frou-frou (much like the Fjall Totepack). My initial impression, while I was pregnant and shopping around, but before I knew what would truly work for me, was that this would be a nice accessory to most outfits for days when I would have to carry around extra diapers.

And so. That Black Friday season rolled around, the nylon Mini Marti went on sale and I clicked 'purchase.' And let me tell you, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You might be thinking, "there is no way I can fit everything I would need in there." And depending on your lifestyle, you may be right. But the Mini Marti suits the needs of me and my B perfectly. 

Currently in my bag: 5 diapers, wipes, 1 spare outfit, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, 1 Jelly Cat toy, 1 burp cloth, 1 pacifier. And I usually pack an extra bottle or two depending on the plan for the day.

Now, you may be reading that list and think that I'm crazy for carrying only 5 diapers and 1 extra outfit, and that's fair. This is not a bag for much more than a few hours from home. An afternoon with family, or a couple hours spent doing errands? So far, this bag has worked for those scenarios.

The Mini Marti: hands-free, and in my opinion, chic. Perfect for my transition into motherhood.