Hunter Boots.

And here we are again.

On the basics.

Which to some is a dirty word.

But to me, it’s security.

There’s a reason that some things get termed ‘basic.’

It’s like the word ‘cliche.’ It’s kind of a negative descriptor, no? But really, the reason something gets to be cliche, or basic, is because it becomes a standard that everyone understands the value of.

So why fight it?

I love these boots.

Those Brits. They know they’re rain gear.

From October until about mid-May, I rely on these boots frequently. I think they work nicely when it’s rainy, and even when there’s a slushy-snow on the ground. A ‘wintery mix’ if you will… which sounds much more delightful than it actually is.

I will say, there are times when these provide a bit too much warmth, and I’m working on finding an alternative for wet, but still warm, October days. Until then, these really do the trick.

They are $150, and for some that might be too much, but keep in mind that I’ve had these for about 10 years and they’re still going strong. So if you’re going to break these out into a price-per-wear metric, I’d say they’re are just about the best.

Buy them here.