Where to Spend It: Sweaters.

 Image via  Net-A-Porter

Image via Net-A-Porter

I collect sweaters. 

I also wear the shit out of all of my sweaters.

So far this year, my elbows have popped through two turtlenecks and two cardigans, and we've still got a lot of sweater-wearing left in 2017.

These turtlenecks and cardis were not cheap either! Three were J. Crew cashmere that I've had for at least five years each and one is a Tory Burch number that I've worn religiously for at least three years.

The high cost of true love.

I will continue to wear sweaters and knits in various soft and fuzzy materials until they explode, and I will continue to purchase them with reckless abandon.

They're wearable blankets, I can't ask for much more.

But there is more to life than bulk purchasing J. Crew sweaters. Especially as their quality has come into question recently.

A few years ago, I bought my first Vince sweater. I saw Vince, and still do, as a slight upgrade from J. Crew. Not necessarily in the quality of the cashmere, I cannot speak to that specifically because I don't think I own any 100% cashmere sweaters from Vince. Rather I speak of the quality of their blends. Most of the items I own by Vince are a combination of wool, cashmere and yak. (Yak... different from sheep's wool.. I would have never known you had to be so specific). And I Love them. I've had each of them for two, three and four years and they are still going strong. They wear nicely and they are warm enough to wear as a jacket even when the weather dips into the 40s.. 

Vince sweaters are pricey, but I say that if you're into wearable blankets, and love a good heavy cardigan, you should definitely check Vince out. 

The above is at Net-A-Porter, but you can also get great deals on Vince at Amazon, Saks Off Fifth and Last Call by Neiman Marcus.

Vince Women's Open Front Cardigan, Stucco, M
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