Gap Maternity Tees

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A quick little review of Gap maternity tees.

And the word is: Yes.

I have lived in these since about 15 weeks. 

What I was looking to accomplish, with a maternity wardrobe, was two things.

1. How little can I purchase without getting sick of everything?

2. Can I use this as a road test capsule wardrobe?

The answer to the first question is, sort of. I am not really tired of my wardrobe necessarily, I've got lots of neutral tees, great cardigans and black and blue jeans. That's basically what I wear throughout the warmer months anyway. What I am tired of is my silhouette... how nice it will be to very the shape of my waste.

Another unknown consequence of pregnancy: shoes. I did not know that so many of my boots and shoes would be off limits because of swollen feet and ankles. So be advised that you may have the same issue in the future should you choose to reproduce.

As to the second question, pregnancy has been an excellent test in the capsule wardrobe. I feel that I will be able to engage wholeheartedly in a capsule wardrobe in the months after pregnancy because I have already proven that I can... with a very limited one in fact. 

I'll definitely be going for more options once I return to my non-pregnant state, but it's been nice to successfully experiment with less.

Back to the tees.

I am now at 35 weeks and 36 inches, and still in the same tees. I can officially say that these are great, and will very likely take you through your whole pregnancy.

My non-maternity Gap size is sort of between a small and a medium depending on desired fit. I went with all mediums for maternity, and recommend you err on the larger size as you will gain at least some water weight as you progress.

I couldn't have asked for more from these tees really. To have cost about $10 during sales and to have lasted through the whole pregnancy, they are really truly worth a look.

Find them here.